Welch LLP is proud to have a formalized Diversity and Inclusion program, which includes an Advisory Board of staff and partners.

The ultimate goal of this program is to ensure we have an inclusive space throughout the firm at all levels, which is reflected in our partnership group. This is a journey that Welch is embracing, knowing that it will take time and dedication to achieve.

To Welch, diversity and inclusion is defined as “The understanding and acceptance of individuals who may be different from each other and who do not all come from the same background. These differences may be of national origin, physical appearance, religion, education, age, gender or sexual orientation. All types of individuals are supported in a way that allows them to thrive.”

We are dedicated to taking concrete steps to better everyone’s work life and career aspirations at Welch. We believe that by making diversity and inclusion a priority in our workplace, we can achieve: an inclusive environment where our people feel valued (CARE); a positive difference for our people, clients, and communities (IMPACT); and collaboration that develops passionate people from different backgrounds to deliver creative solutions (EMPOWER).

Welch LLP’s Equality Diversity Inclusion Promise

The importance of equality, diversity, and inclusion in our hiring and day-to-day business practice is a priority. What does EDI mean to us at Welch LLP?

What is Equality?  It is the fair treatment of individuals regardless of various characteristics, including but not limited to their gender, age, inability, religious beliefs, race and sexual orientation. Equality is about providing individuals with the same access to opportunities and resources, regardless of their differences.

What is Diversity?  It is about recognizing and accepting these differences and respecting those who do not share the same characteristics, values, ideas and opinions as us.    

What is Inclusion?  Inclusion is about fostering an environment where all individuals feel welcomed, appreciated and their contributions and perspectives are valued.

At Welch, we believe the presence of EDI in the workplace is essential to our firm’s long-term success. In order to fully commit to our EDI Promise, and to encourage others to follow suit, we have teamed up with like-minded professional service firms and organizations in the Ottawa community. This new community was founded on October 28, 2021, to foster a space for support and improvement in our EDI practices. This community is called the EDI Community Alliance.

If you are interested in joining our EDI Community Alliance, please send an email to edialliance@welchllp.com.   

Welch is proud to welcome the following organizations to our EDI Community Alliance: