Umar Saeed

Umar Saeed


Mr. Saeed is widely recognized as an expert in public-sector accounting standards (PSAS) as well as International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). In this regard, he speaks regularly at conferences and lectures on related topics.

Most recently, Mr. Saeed worked for the Public Sector Accounting Board developing standards such as public private partnerships, improving standards on financial instruments and foreign currency, and understanding stakeholder concerns on a variety of complex accounting matters related to PSAS.

Before working for the Board, Mr. Saeed worked in a wide range of projects for the Ontario government, from advising on infrastructure development deals to implementing Liabilities for Contaminated Sites (a PSAS standard) across the Ontario government.

Before entering the public sector, Mr. Saeed worked for almost a decade in the hedge fund industry. He holds a Masters of Accounting degree from the University of Waterloo and is a published author.