Corporate Culture: The Building Blocks of Company Success

Corporate Culture: The Building Blocks of Company Success

An increasing amount of employers are beginning to recognize the importance of making company culture their main priority. They are realizing that if you get the culture right, other initiatives like client service, branding, and staff engagement will fall into place. Having a healthy company culture allows employers to pull time and money away from worrying about things like retaining talent or the demoralization of staff.

What is company culture?

Company culture is a collection of many branches whose origin primarily stem from the company’s core values. When the core values of a company are defined they eventually evolve into characteristics and behaviours that shape an organization’s culture. Change in culture is not impacted by those you employ, but rather built through employing those who share similar values and ideals; those who want to be a part of your company’s culture. Employees who see eye to eye with your culture and goals are likely those who are most committed and engaged.

Why does company culture matter?

Any one of your competitors can easily mimic your company’s compensation structures, but what they can’t offer or imitate is your company culture. People are looking to be motivated by more than just money. It’s about giving them purpose, including them in the big picture, letting them see how their efforts make an impact on the growth of your company, and continuously challenging them. A company culture that expresses on-going appreciation for their staff can mean the difference between losing talent and retaining it.

Take a moment to evaluate your organization’s culture; is it well-defined? Are you committed to upholding those values and openly communicating them to your staff? Where on your list of priorities is company culture?

Edward Kanaan
Human Resources