Estate Planning Corner: Keeping the Family Cottage in the Family

Welch LLP and Welch Family Wealth Advisory Group are pleased to present Estate Planning Corner, where we discuss issues affecting your family’s intergenerational wealth and how to approach them. 

The family cottage is a place where we go to unplug, spend time with good friends and family, and make memories that last a lifetime. 

Cottages are one of the most emotionally-charged assets within an estate.  They are a frequent source of family disputes and sibling friction, debating whether it can – or should – be kept in the family. 

Differing views points makes keeping the cottage in the family, and keeping the family together a major challenge.  Like most estate planning issues, what will eventually happen to the cottage needs to be a proactive conversation.  

Experts Elliott Bourgeois, manager of the Family Wealth Advisory group and Peter Berry, partner and estate specialist discuss the family cottage in the following video.  Watch the video now:

Elliott, Peter, and the team of trusted advisors at Welch LLP are here to help outline your options so you can make informed decisions for your household now, as well as, for future generations. 


Peter Berry, CPA, CA, TEP
Elliott Bourgeois, M.Sc., CFP
Family Wealth Advisory Group,