Top 3 Mistakes Employers Make

Top 3 Mistakes Employers Make

In a 2012 Forbes article, David K. Williams estimated the average cost of a single bad hire to be anywhere from $25 – $50K. These costs include lost productivity while the job is vacant, the costs of recruiting a new employee, and training costs. There are several key mistakes employers make when hiring which contribute to making poor hiring decisions including; not starting with a job description, rushing the interview and hiring process, and failing to have an on boarding program in place.

It is important to start with a strong job description, which outlines the essential functions of the job and the education, skills, and abilities required to be successful in the job. A strong job description is a foundation for building your job advertisement and will help to identify the best candidate for the job.

Rushing the interview and hiring process can lead to making the wrong hiring decision. Pre-screening candidates, being prepared for the interview by developing a list of interview questions based on the essential requirements of the position, interviewing 3 -5 candidates and checking the references for your top candidate(s) will assist you in finding the right candidate for your organization.

Lastly, having a strong on boarding program in place will help your new hire to be successful in the job. An on boarding program should include an orientation to the organization, a tour of the work site, a plan for job training, assigning a buddy or mentor, time spent with their manager outlining expectations, and regular check ins.

Now more than ever, organizations cannot afford to lose the time and money spent on a poor hire. It is critical to spend time in advance developing strong hiring and on boarding processes in order to increase the chances of hiring your next great employee.

Michelle de Roux, CHRP
Human Resources Administrator
Ottawa Office