What Should You Look for in a Potential Employer?

What Should You Look for in a Potential Employer?

In recruiting season, you hear a lot about the skills and qualities that accounting firms are looking for in potential employees. But what about the qualities that you are looking for in a potential employer? It is just as important to make sure that the employer is the right fit for you so I have put together some tips for what you should look for in a potential firm!

1) Work environment – On paper, an offer might be great with a good salary and benefits but it’s more important to think about how you fit into the company and what working there every day would look like. Do you like the culture of the office? Is the work-life balance what you are looking for? What do you think of the people? Your job itself is important but your fit with the company and your colleagues often determines whether you look forward to coming to work every day or whether you dread it.

2) Growth Potential – It is easy to look at an offer and only see the short term factors (eg. Salary, title, etc.) but the long term factors are so much more important! Before you accept an offer, you should always look at your growth potential within that firm. Is there opportunity for advancement? Will they help you through the CA process? Even though you might only be looking for a co-op term, many co-ops can turn into full time positions and ultimately, allow you to climb the ladder so you should always look at your growth potential when choosing an employer.

3) Leadership – Having a mentor or manager that you can look up to and learn from is so valuable but it is often overlooked. Find out if your potential employer has a mentorship program or if the manager/partner you will be working for invests time in developing their employees. Learning from people that were once in your shoes is priceless and one of the keys to a successful career.

Remember, even though it might not seem like it, finding the right firm for you is a two way street! As much as you want to impress potential employers, make sure that what they have to offer impresses you just as much. Finding the right fit for you is the first step to your success!