Day in the lifeThe great thing about working for Welch is that each day is different. Whether you are working in the office, on site at a client’s or working on audits in other countries, there are always new and exciting challenges. Two of our employees kept a journal for a day to give you a glimpse into the work that they do, what their day-to-day life looks like and how they maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Aamer Siddiqui

Aamer Siddiqui, CPA, CA

Staff Accountant

Ottawa Office

Busy Season Thursday

I often get asked about what a day in my life looks like during busy season so I thought I would give you an example of my typical day! During this day, I was working with a specific technology client.

8:15 am. – Planning meeting with the engagement partner before I go to work on site at the client’s for the rest of the day. I personally requested this meeting with the partner because I wanted to make sure I was approaching the audit in the right way. We went over my questions, and within 15 minutes I understood exactly what I needed to do.

9:00 am. – Arrive at the clients and meet with the CEO, CFO, and comptroller to introduce myself. Sit down with the 3 of them and explain to them how the audit is going to work, what kind of information I will need from who, and an estimated timeline of work. At the same time, the comptroller gave me access to the Dropbox folder where all the documents I needed for the audit were stored.

10:00 am. – Started to work on the revenue schedules and needed the bookkeeper to help me answer some questions. She was very helpful and knew the accounts really well, making my life a lot easier and the audit a lot smoother.

1:00 pm. – Late lunch. Needed a mental break; decided to drive out to get something to eat.

1:30 pm. – Back from lunch. Began testing other sections of a file and didn’t run into any major issues.

4:00 pm. – phone call from Partner. He wanted to check-in and see if I had any questions on the work. I asked a few things to him about a confusing account. He helped me understand how to treat it properly.

4:30 pm. – The client has called it a day and the comptroller is leaving. She said I could stay later and to just make sure I leave through the back door. I continued working, was in the middle of a section and didn’t want to leave it half completed.

6:00 pm. – Finished the section! Packed up my stuff and met up with some friends to catch a 7pm movie.

Average Tuesday

8:15 am. – got into the office and caught-up on emails.

9:00 am. – met with the Partner to update on all the files I was working on. I was working on an audit remotely from our office. I was also working on a few tax returns at the same time.

10:30 am. – phone call unexpectedly from a client. She wanted some help understanding the adjusting entries I had sent her a few weeks back. I walked her through why we made some of the adjusting entries and how to ensure that the book-keeping aligns with GAAP on an ongoing basis.

11:00 am. – continued working on writing the financial statement notes of the audit file. Since it was a new client, I had to re-write or write from scratch many of the notes to the financial statements.

12:00 pm. – Finished writing the notes! Now it is time to get lunch with a friend from the office at Café Deluxe (our favourite).

12:45 pm. – back at work, shifted gears and worked on the tax returns for a little while before returning back to the audit file.

2:00 pm. – had a meeting with someone I had met at a networking event a few weeks back. They are in the stage of looking for an accountant to do their taxes; I walked them through our process and the advantages of using our firm.

2:30 pm. – Meeting with Partner again. I wanted to let him know that the audit file was complete and ready for his review. However, before he started reviewing the file I wanted to walk him through some of the sections where I ran into some issues, and explain how I solved them to ease the review process.

4:00 pm. – Walked home to change and head to RA Centre to play softball in our firm sponsored softball league.

Mike McMurray

Mike McMurray, CPA, CA


Belleville Office

Everyone always talks about how stressful busy season is but don’t let the hype fool you – it’s not as bad as it sounds! I thought I would give you a glimpse into a day in my life at the Belleville office during March, just as busy season starts to hit.

8:00 am. – Arrive at the office to pack up files and my computer and head out to an insurance client with another staff member, going over some planning points that we had discussed last week in the car. We are starting on the year-end audit this morning.

9:00 am. – Arrived at the client’s for a morning of field work and met with the Controller to discuss our plan and the documents required to get things started. Started to delegate the work for the file with my colleague.

12:00 pm. – Lunch with the controller and his assistant before I head back to the office, leaving my colleague there for the rest of the afternoon.

1:00 pm. – Started to work on some tax returns. In addition to the tax returns that I am preparing, I am responsible for reviewing the returns prepared by the newer staff members as well.

4:00 pm. – Finished reviewing some of the returns and discussed the finer points with the preparers.

5:30 pm. – Time to pack up and head to the gym! Tomorrow will be another busy day at the clients so I’m glad I was able to catch up on some tax returns this afternoon.