Whether you are looking for a co-op placement or you are a recent graduate, we understand that career development is your top priority.

Here’s what makes Welch different from your average accounting firm:

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Holistic Approach

Gain expertise & knowledge from exposure to the entire client file.
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Variety of client work

We offer you the opportunity to work with clients from a wide range of fields & industries.
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Work Culture

Take part in our collaborative and supportive work culture & work with subject matter experts.
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Extensive CPA support

We support you every step of the way while attaining your CPA.
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Work-life balance

We recognize that you have a life outside of work. We offer the flexibility you need to make the most of your time.
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Personal Development

With countless opportunities for career growth and development within the firm, there is nothing holding you back from reaching your full potential.

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see what our recruits have to say

Given my past experience working at a different firm, I felt that Welch was my best option because of the importance that they place on maintaining a work-life balance. At all of the networking events, the representatives from Welch were very personable and gave off a great impression to me. So far, my experience has been very positive. The staff have been extremely supportive and helpful throughout all of my tasks/engagements. All members of the team, regardless of their level at the firm, are equally approachable.”
Isaac, 2019 co-op student
I originally chose Welch because of the variety of work I would be exposed to, as well as the welcoming work environment. After joining as a co-op student I realized that my expectations were right, and that I was getting to work on many different types of clients and engagements; furthermore, I was working on them with a team that supported me. By doing both of my co-ops at Welch and now being full-time, my skills have grown exponentially stronger and so has my relationship with my colleagues, which is the key to fostering a healthy, productive work environment.
Chelsea, Staff Accountant


Garth began his career with Welch as a co-op student while working on his Bachelor of Mathematics Degree at the University of Waterloo. He graduated and joined the company full-time in 1984, received his CA designation in 1986, then moved up to the rank of Partner in 1993.



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see what our recruits have to say

I chose Welch because of the people I would have the opportunity to work with and the comradery present at the firm. I believe that the accounting tasks that get completed are similar in all accounting firms so, for me, choosing a firm with great people and management that supports my path for the CPA designation was really key. So far, I have had the privilege to work on various types of engagements for private businesses & nonprofit organizations that has enhanced my accounting knowledge.
Bruke, Staff Accountant
Before I chose a firm for my co-op terms, I was able to visit [many] firms of all sizes; but I only felt that vibe/connection with Welch. At Welch networking/office events that I attended, most of their staff remembered me, made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions about the workplace. At Welch, I get to work on my own files from beginning to end. Furthermore, I am able to do audit field work, solidify my team work skills, improve my time management skills, and more. Welch gives a lot back to the community, helps their staff reach their goals and provides a great work environment.
Mario, 2019 co-op student


Peter Berry joined Welch in 2010 as a full time employee after graduating from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters Diploma in Accounting. Peter received his Chartered Accountant designation in 2011 and got promoted to manager in 2013.



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