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Q&A session with Adam Mansour

Check out our interview with Welch employee and Master’s student Adam Mansour. Learn about his experience thus far!

Q. How long have you been working for Welch LLP?

A. I started as a co-op hire in January 2013 and began full-time in January 2015. I took a 4 month summer study leave in May to begin the Master of Accounting program at Carleton University.

Q. What initially sparked your interest to work for Welch?

A. I learned of Welch while preparing for recruiting events in the fall of 2012 by visiting the company website, and also through word of mouth from friends that were already interested in Welch. I had the opportunity to meet some staff members at Carleton’s events and our conversations about Welch’s culture, opportunities, and work-life balance made Welch the best fit for me.

Q. What support has Welch provided to you on your path to obtain the MAcc?

A. First and foremost, Welch has provided the study leave necessary to take part in the program. The program’s application to acceptance process was on a very short timeline, but Welch was very accommodating to allow several staff members to leave for the program. Welch has also provided significant financial assistance to support us with the tuition fees and cost of the CFE exam. Furthermore, our previous CFE writers at Welch provide guidance and insight to our current writers through additional courses in our office. I have gathered a wide range of audit and tax experience from working here and as a result, I am now able to apply this experience to cases I write for school – I have actually experienced similar situations with many diverse clients.

Q. What has been the best experience for you at Welch so far?

A. Meeting Welch staff is what attracted me to the firm in the first place – with good reason. My best experience has been meeting everyone, developing strong friendships, and being involved with staff events and our various Welch sports teams. Another great experience was moving into our new office in January of 2015. It has been a very welcomed move and our modernized office demonstrates the type of firm we are. I also have a great window view which is a nice bonus!