Market Outlook: What’s Ahead in 2022


Hosted by Welch Family Wealth Advisory’s Senior Advisor, Micheal Burch, FCPA, FCA, CFP, the Market Outlook: What’s Ahead in 2022, was a riveting discussion that featured Craig Basinger, Chief Market Strategist of Purpose Investments. As an economist and portfolio manager focused on asset allocation, Craig shared both insights into the current unique environment and expectations on how things may unfold from an economic and market perspective.

Also in the panel are Jeff Logan, Head of Portfolio Management of Harness Investment Management and Elliott Bourgeois, Manager of Welch Family Wealth Advisory Group.

Topics will include:

  • The current market outlook with a number of crucial macro trends expected to unfold in 2022
  • Bear or bull? What current indicators are telling us about the year ahead
  • Inflation – transitory or persistent – what it means for portfolios

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