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Join the EDI Community Alliance in an interactive panel discussion, Representation in Recruitment, on June 15, 2022 from 12.00 PM – 1.00 PM. In this session, you’ll learn important details necessary to learn how to better incorporate Representation in your Recruitment practice.

Our panelists include Dr. Sue Haywood, Director, HR Practice and Head People Officer and Zack Fleming, Director, Managed Recruitment at Business Sherpa Group. The discussion will be moderated by Leanne Bell, Marketing Manager at Business Sherpa Group and hosted by the EDICA, Welch LLP.

The experts will discuss:

  • Navigating Inequalities in the Workplace
  • Recruitment and Hiring Challenges
  • General EDI Practices in Hiring
  • What we can do as employers

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Our Speakers

Dr. Sue Haywood is the Director, HR Practice and Head People Officer with Business Sherpa Group and an Adjunct Professor at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. Sue’s career includes service with the Canadian Forces and HR roles within healthcare, municipal government, Pepsi, and Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

Her experience and knowledge of the HR considerations enable her to provide strategic advice to private and public sectors, unionized and non-unionized workplaces, and large and small organizations. She serves on the HRPA board of directors, volunteers with Great Dane rescue and is the proud mom of a three-year-old son.

Dr. Sue Haywood
Director, HR Practice and Head People Officer
Business Sherpa Group

Zack Fleming leads the Managed Recruitment team here at Business Sherpa Group. For over 8 years, he has worked with many different clients ranging in size and industry.

His expertise lies in guiding clients through the recruitment process and advising them on recruitment best practices and talent market conditions. His CHRL designation and HR background enable him to lead Business Sherpa Group’s Managed Recruitment with a full-spectrum approach.

Zack Fleming
Director, Managed Recruitment
Business Sherpa Group

Leanne Bell, MBA candidate, is the Marketing Manager at Business Sherpa Group. She
specializes in B2B marketing and strives to help companies grow via value-based marketing methods and ungated knowledge sharing. Since 2016 she has been leading the Business Sherpa Group marketing, building a complete function from the ground up. It has been an all-encompassing journey leading a growing marketing team, who strive to connect with SME’s and help these businesses thrive through an expert + technology approach.

Outside of work, Leanne loves to cook and be with loved ones. She tries to get outside and explore the world as much as possible. It has been a travel filled last few months for Leanne, both in the real world and in tagging along with characters in fantasy novels. Economics podcasts are always at the ready for any down times as well.

Leanne Bell
Marketing Manager
Business Sherpa Group

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