Philanthropy and the Ottawa Community

2020 Philanthropy Awards in Ottawa

Philanthropy: the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Held on Tuesday, Nov 10, AFP Ottawa’s Philanthropy awards (The Phils) presented by The Foundation WCPD, represent the very best of the charitable sector and are a celebration of service, hope and commitment.

Welch LLP presented the award for Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist to RBC for their work through the RBC Foundation. RBC Foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations in Canada, giving back 1% of their annual profits and earnings to the community. RBC employees themselves give back to the community through many channels: volunteer work; hosting workshops on skills and financial literacy for women, newcomers, and students; serving on boards; and participating in fundraisers. “Behind this big corporate logo there’s a big heart, and we are here to help and we are happy to do so.” says Marjolaine Hudon, Regional President for RBC throughout Ontario North and East.

We have been in Ottawa since our inception in 1918, and that has allowed us to set roots in the city and grow along with it. Ottawa is a big city, in both size and scope, but with a hometown feel, allowing us to get involved with the community and make meaningful connections as well.

It is incredibly important for us to recognize the efforts of others who are giving back to the community, so that more people can be inspired to do the same. Our partner, Jim McConnery, participated in a panel discussion with Marjolaine Hudon and Ava Sidoli, recipient of the Outstanding Youth Philanthropist Award, where they talked about the importance of philanthropy in the region, and how little acts of kindness inspires others to give back to their community.

Seeing young people like Ava, and large corporations such as RBC, definitely gives us hope for the future in that younger generations will be inspired to take the lead and be engaged in charitable giving.

Welch LLP congratulates all of the recipients of the 2020 AFP Ottawa’s Philanthropy awards.

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Author: Alexei Vidal, Welch LLP