Welch LLP featured in the Ottawa Citizen & Ottawa Sun

Welch LLP featured in the Ottawa Citizen & Ottawa SunWe are excited to have the beloved story of Welch LLP’s founding and our 100 year milestone featured in both the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Sun!

The article speaks to Welch’s ideologies of equality, innovation and inclusiveness as the foundation for the firm’s success over the past 100 years. Although there is significant value in past experience, the firm continues to develop and embrace new ideas for the next century.

Welch LLP may be 100 years old, but the mindset remains to look to the next 100 years and how the firm can continue to evolve to achieve success in the new economy.

Check out the Ottawa Citizen article to find out more about how Welch LLP was founded and the key pillars that have led us to a century filled with great success in business.