Welch Participates in Not Myself Today Campaign in support of Mental Health

Not Myself Today CampaignLast week, Welch LLP participated in the “Not Myself Today Campaign (NMT)” for 2018. Each day had a different theme and task to help employees become comfortable talking about mental health in the workplace.

NMT is an initiative led by the Canadian Mental Health Association that engages workplaces across Canada to support mental health and those dealing with mental health issues. NMT provides information, tools and resources to raise awareness and understanding of mental health, reduce stigma and help build a psychologically safe and supportive work culture

In this week alone, approximately half a million Canadians will miss work due to mental health. These absences cost workplaces roughly $20 billion each year.

Having a mentally healthy workplace is also linked to lower health care costs, lower absenteeism, and higher productivity.

Although NMT Week has ended, our commitment to mental health does not end here. Every person has a role in supporting mental health, and assisting those facing these challenges.


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