2,000+ Audits completed for Government agencies and departments.

Financial Statement Audit

  • Audits, review engagements, compilations
  • PSAB Expertise

Compliance Audit

  • Recipient audits

Internal Audit

  • Program performance audits
  • Control framework audits
  • Value for money audits

Contract Cost Audit

  • Contract compliance

Lease Audit

  • Lease compliance

Forensic Audit

  • Special Investigations
  • Forensic Investigations
  • Fraud risk assessments


Financial Statement Audits

Welch offices are located all across Ontario. We have a diverse municipal client base (large and small cities). We also perform financial statement audits for government controlled entities using PSAS or PSAS + 4200 series as well as component audits for large public sector entities.

Compliance Audits

Welch performs a large number of compliance audits. This type of assurance engagement includes contributions audits, contract compliance for complex infrastructure, and value-for-money audits on behalf of the Auditor General of Canada.

Risk Advisory

Our advisory division has conducted a variety of internal audit work for public sector entities such as internal control policy reviews, financial policy reviews, risk-based internal audit plans, and governance reviews.