We are more than just your typical accountants. We offer a wide range of specialty boutique services to help you and your business with every aspect of financial management.

Business Incentives

Welch has a highly specialized team of business incentive experts to help you navigate through the wide range of government incentives that you may be eligible for. We can help you determine which incentives you qualify for, work with you on the application process, as well as guide you through government incentive planning and documentation preparation. Please visit our Business Incentives page for the full scope of our services & capabilities.

Canadians Doing Business in the United States

If you are thinking about exporting your product or service, establishing offices in the United States, or becoming a consultant there, you need to be conscious of and prepared for the tax legislation rules that you must abide by. We have a number of experts who can help you transition your business into the United States market.

As an independent member of BKR International, we have access to a network of more than 160 professional service firms with over 500 offices in 80 countries worldwide. We can find solutions for you and your expanding business through our in-house experts and our network of BKR affiliates.

Virtual Accounting Office

Welch can provide your small business or not-for-profit organization with all the benefits and advantages of an internal accounting office without the overhead. Our highly qualified staff members are here to help you take care of your accounting department functions so that you can focus on your operational goals. Our virtual accounting office can help you with the following services:

  • Paying bills
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Payroll administration
  • Accounting system management
  • Tax compliance and reporting
  • Regular financial reporting
  • Staff coverage during leave or turnover periods
  • Acting senior management level controllership function

Personal Financial Planning

Everyone’s financial needs and goals are unique. Regardless of your age or your current financial situation, we can help you to map out your goals, achieve them, and secure your financial future. Welch has a number of Chartered Professional Accountants who are also Certified Financial Planners. Their strong background in providing financial advice allows them to take your unique goals and create a personalized plan that works for you.

Our personal financial planning services are fee based, not commission based. We have no affiliations with brokerage or trading organizations and we do not represent any third party products. We listen to what you want and help you find a way to make it happen.

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