Alan Tippett and the cross-border tax group at Welch have been instrumental in our rapid international expansion; specifically by helping us efficiently learn and navigate the complicated tax environment in the US. We trust Welch with all of our international tax needs.”

Matthew Hoar, CPA, CA, VP Finance - Flow Water Inc.

I have been very happy since moving Kanatek’s reporting requirements to Welch LLP. I find the service and the value for money excellent on both accounts.”

Michael DeCesare, CFO - Kanatek

I am always impressed by the service level Welch provides, how well the work is done, and on time. I thoroughly appreciate having Welch as a partner in our audit processes.”

Neil Newlands, Chief Operating Officer - Egg Farmers of Canada

I highly recommend the services of Welch LLP. They completely understand my business, my industry and the challenges that we face on a day to day basis. Whether it is meeting at their office or at the brewery, the team at Welch always provides us with the necessary advice and guidance.”

Paul Meek, President and Owner - Kichesippi Beer Co

Welch LLP is always keen to provide excellent service. The service that we need does not normally require business related advice, however, Welch has provided some very valuable advice especially pertaining to HST. I have really enjoyed my business relationship with Welch.”

Roland Henricksen, CFO - CTCC Inc.

The Welch staff adds an educated opinion to assist the principals in making corporate decisions that we value on the many times we have requested assistance. The depth of Welch LLP has assisted our company in making many decisions over the 29 years they have been associated with our business. We value the quality and accuracy of their advice they provide.”

Bob Stephen, President - Markham Infinity

Our contact at Welch, Sheila Thomspon, is a trusted advisor to take care of my business and family.”

Avraham Iny, - Avraham Holdings

Our Partner at Welch has become someone I can turn to for honest, concise advice on both my business operations and our personal ventures that may impact or affect my small business in both the short and long terms. She has become a real trusted partner for us.”

Mark Lisiecki, - Inspections

Like many women going through a divorce, I needed an advisor. Kathy Steffan at Welch has empowered me by helping me understand the processes involved in my personal tax returns. Filing my taxes is no longer intimidating. In a stressful situation, I was educated, comforted and empowered.”

Tamara Bell, - Personal

Certainly appreciate the efforts by Welch to capture the key issues with both my Canadian and US tax - my taxes can be complex and the group is very helpful and responsive.”

Thomas Moon, - Personal

We selected Carole Lekadir at Welch to be the accountant for our corporation because we knew and trusted her based on her work with my employer. We own shares of my employer's company through our corporation, so Carole fully understand both businesses. We have engaged Welch LLP to prepare our annual financial statements and to prepare and file our tax returns for the past ten years. Welch LLP also provided critical advice and assistance for the set-up of our company when it was incorporated. Carole Lekadir and her team have always provided outstanding service, knowledgeable advice and accurate, detailed reports and information. I highly recommend Welch LLP for accounting services for any size of business.”

Lorne Schmidt, President - 1708905 Ontario Inc

Ryan Dostie has been incredibly helpful throughout the years as our accountant. Welch has been my trusted advisor through out my entire medical career and their expertise and advice has been invaluable.”

Phil Karas, MD - The Ottawa Hospital

Ever since I first started working in Ottawa over 20 years ago in entrepreneurial positions, I have felt an increased sense of confidence in the choices I made when Welch LLP was involved. Everyone I have ever worked with is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. When one Welch LLP team member could not supply specific expertise, another team member could. I trust Welch LLP completely.”

Sarah Roncarelli, CEO - Fifty Strategy and Creative

We have a great relationship with Welch and pass referrals back and forth. Welch is an excellent firm to work with! From a small town connection to a professional team of accounting specialists.”

John Wilson, President - J.S. Wilson Financial Management

Bruce Raganold is very proactive in helping us connect with those whom he sees a fit. Our accountant at Welch LLP, Mike Moher, has been invaluable to me and our business through our first year end and providing business advice on how to best move forward. We appreciate his thoughtful, considered responses and willingness to look at both the near term reality and longer term objectives of the business. I have also been really impressed with the added value we receive from Welch through events and other marketing initiatives.”

James Baker, CEO - Keynote Group