As a small NPO, there is a limited amount of help needed however they are always available with timely advice on business related questions. Brianne Metzger was very helpful as we worked through changing our accounting software this past year. Welch LLP has served as the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre's auditor for almost a quarter of a century which demonstrates this firm's outstanding commitment to the non-profit sector and the community. The staff at Welch LLP have always been extremely pleasant and accommodating, treating us as if we were a premier client.”

Gary DuBreuil, Secretary-Treasurer - Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre

We receive very professional and efficient service from the staff at Welch”

Marilyn Willms, VP Finance - St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa

The staff at Welch go beyond their professional services that they provide and have served as volunteers for SOS Children's Villages Canada. SOS Children's Villages appreciates the strong commitment to community that Welch LLP demonstrates. As an international charity it is particularly encouraging that the staff at Welch embraces a broad definition of community that takes their commitment beyond the boundaries of Ottawa.”

Boyd McBride, CEO - SOS Charity Villages

We hired Welch LLP to do our external audit this year, after five years with another firm. Despite the tight timeline, Welch completed the audit on time and provided exceptional service at a very competitive price. This was excellent value for our money, which is important when we have to make every dollar stretch.”

Christopher Bourque, Executive Director - Rideau Family Health Team

Welch understands my business and are an invaluable resource to my Finance team.”

Dan Benjamin, Finance Coordinator - Somerset West Community Health Centre

As our Not-for-Profit association opened our first office and began to grow in 2009, we realized the time had come to retain the services of a reputable audit firm based here in Ottawa. We have a very good and collegial relationship with Welch Partner Garth Steele and his audit manager, Mike Moher. In addition to a relatively hassle-free time of field work and follow up, we have over the years come to rely on Garth for advice in matters that relate to more than auditing. Garth has taken an interest in the content of our association's work and the issues we advocate for. The level of service is very good, and Welch understands the limitations on Not-for-Profits both in terms of staff resources and financial constraints.”

Nobina Robinson, CEO - Polytechnics Canada

Welch LLP has been the audit firm of choice for the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre/Centre de traitement pour enfants d’Ottawa (OCTC) for over five decades. I, myself, have had the pleasure of working with staff from Welch LLP for 35 years.Some of the staff who started out working on our files are now senior managers and partners at the firm, and I can still pick up the phone and call any one of them to ask a question.

Welch LLP has always been the preferred provider of service for reasons related to their exemplary service, job knowledge and capacity, continuity and value for their fees. OCTC is a medium-sized not-for-profit organization. However, we are quite complex when it comes to our finances, budgets, funders and funding agreements. Welch LLP has developed an extensive expertise related to NFPs for which we have come to rely on year after year. I have been very satisfied with the auditor’s appreciation and respect of management’s assumptions and framework for underlying critical accounting estimates.

In summary, Welch LLP is a full-service firm. Personnel may have changed over the years, but continuity has always been part of the plan. Staff are independent and objective and possess just the right amount of professional skepticism required for the job. The quality of communication with staff and Board has been excellent. When I think of Welch LLP I think of integrity, objectivity, quality, forward thinking and a firm that truly cares about their clients.”

Lori Raycroft, CFO - OCTC

Working with Welch compared to our last auditing firm is like night and day. The entire staff at Welch including Peter Berry, who has been my go-to contact, has been very helpful. He structured our company in the most efficient way possible which in turn saves us money every year. Welch has lifted the burden of our tax and accounting activities. Welch has a great reputation and was highly recommended by our bookkeeper - it was an easy decision. Welch could be best described as professional, timely, and friendly. I look for people who are approachable, friendly and who speak my language - not just accountant speak. Welch has been very effective for us. ”

Jasmin Lidington, Executive Director - Canadian Association of General Surgeons

If you have a vision that’s strong and sustainable, you need partners that will grow with you and support you as you grow. We partnered with Welch to do our day-to-day accounting, tax, business and financial affairs. Outsourcing these functions to a company that is reliable, focused, and efficient allows us to focus on growing our business. Welch has expertise in a wide variety of services including tax, accounting, business valuations, M&A, and other specialty areas. I would highly recommend Welch. Our relationship with Welch goes well beyond a service provider or financial advisor; it really is a true partnership.”

Deborah Rosati, Corporate Director & Co-founder - Women Get on Board

Welch understands the nature of an association with a lot of unexpected demands.”

Martin Rice, Executive Director - Canadian Pork Council

Welch has consistently done the research and provided the advice and services that we have needed throughout our growth as a relatively new phenomenon – the international social enterprise.

We have found the advice and services that we have received from Welch to be thorough, thoughtful and comprehensive at all times. This commitment to thoroughness is appreciated by the Board, CEO and management. We have never had an issue.

Our audits have been consistently performed and competed on a timely basis. When we have had deadlines and constraints, Welch has at all times accommodated our needs.

The audit staff who have performed the onsite work have been open and helpful. It has been a pleasure to have them in our midst and all DOT staff who have participated in the audits have benefitted from the various observations and advice. At the partner level, we feel that we enjoy an open-door relationship with Garth Steele, who has always been available when we have needed advice – a true partnership.

Communication with the Board has been excellent – transparent and helpful. Welch participates annually to present the audited financial statements to the Board and to provide observations and advice relevant to DOT’s position in its growth continuum. The Management Letters have been comprehensive and helpful.

DOT is a non-profit corporation and pays close attention to finances. We have never had an issue with the value that we have received for the fees quoted. There has never been an issue with unexpected extra costs.

We are very pleased with our partnership with Welch and the value that we continue to receive.”

Grant Thomas, Vice President, Strategic Development - Digital Opportunity Trust, The DOT House

We are very happy with the competency of Welch LLP; we may miss things from time to time and we are thankful when the auditors bring them to our attention. They adhere to the timeline set out in the planning stage and are accommodating when arranging time to talk to our staff while on-site. When any issues arise at the final meeting with the Board, the managing partner gives complete explanations. He responds to requests concerning the presentation of the financial results and any issues are quickly addressed.”

Penelope Feather, Director of Finance (past) - Canadian Wind Energy Association

One of the reasons I encouraged my organization to switch auditors and go with Welch LLP was due to the fact that your company understands not-for-profits organizations and festivals. This was, and still is, extremely important to the CDF as our previous auditors didn’t really demonstrate their understanding of our organization and this resulted in the CDF spending more money than was necessary on our audit. We were delighted to work with Welch and look forward to continuing the relationship.”

Jennifer Fornelli, - Canada Dance Festival

Welch LLP is extremely competent in both the caliber of professional staff and the scope of services and procedures that they provide. Welch LLP has a learning approach to auditing rather than one of investigation and compliance; their audit is very thorough and at the same time supportive in providing us the extra opportunity to learn from audit findings such that we can implement cost saving processes and procedures. The same goes for meetings with our Board and Finance Committee: Supportive advice and open discussion is always provided regarding changing industry trends in audit processes or areas that the Board may wish to discuss as areas of improvement or for risk management.”

Bob Cerniuk, CEO - Carefor Health & Community Services